Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Some Pictures

It's about time. We really haven't been up to all that much since the new year.
Unfortunately we've had lots of health stuff that we're hoping were finally on the mend from.
However I just wanted to post a few pictures to remind me that the good days have existed :)

Fun with Skateboarding. Coby just recently finished lessons. He really enjoyed it.

This little lady and I have been enjoying the 75+ degree weather.

These two adorable boys are clearly in need of a haircut.

Cali's Binki and Blanket. Her best friends (maybe I should find her some that talk back?)

My Birthday Celebration. Grimaldi's for dinner and a 4 Gallon Tub of Cotton Candy Ice Cream!
(You can't knock it til you've tried it!)

This handsome fella decided to sport a stash.
I didn't mind it so much but it's gone now.

This is the way we brought in the New Year!
My brother in law took this rad picture of Christopher
attempting to jump over some firework due to a dare;
If you know Christopher he jumps over anything, anywhere
so it was a given that he was going to take it.
Christopher ended up slipping on some wet leaves
and that's where this fantastic shot comes into play.
Amazingly he didn't get a scratch!

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Jared and Lydia said...

These pictures are so cool - your family is growing up so quickly! What a great way to document memories. Miss you!